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PHP Picture Index

Description: PHP Picture Index is a free, quick to install, image gallery script. PHPPI does not require any databases, all information is retrieved from the files/folders themselves. PHPPI was designed this way to eliminate logging into admin pages to upload images, categorise, etc.

GD support for dynamically creating thumbnails.
Admin Section.
Support for Mobile Safari ( iPhone, iPad, iPod ) and Android browsers.
Full image view with navigation.
Fancybox support.
Theme support.
JPEG, PNG and GIF support.

GD version 2.0 (if you want it to dynamically create your thumbnails).
GD (if used) must support JPEG, PNG and GIF.
Tested with PHP 5.3.2, may work with earlier versions.
Tested working with Firefox 11+ and Internet Explorer 7+. Should work fine on other browsers as well. Click here to recommend PHP Picture Index php script to a friend

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